Change into Digital Champions to Save the...

Digital WORLD!

Yes this was a child-hood favourite of mine back in the day when most kids were into Pokémon (at least that's what I thought at the time).

My guess is that when I was originally considering the name of this business/website I subconsciously invoked some level of nostalgia to help me settle with the name. As some may know I was a web designer just a few years back and also an avid gamer of sorts as well as a kind of Farmer "Support" worker for the family dairy farm (Donnek Holsteins). My first instance of inspiration came from another web design company (Digital Convulsions) Something about the red, grey, and sun flare background really made me think "Wow...this looks kind of cool". Anyways, the word digital kept repeating itself as I brainstormed other kinds of brand names and eventually settled on Moore's Digital partly because I respected the Moores Clothing company which I would sometimes visit in Brantford Ontario right where Future Shop (now Best Buy) was located. I can remember asking my grandparents what they thought about it and slightly confirmed my desire to choose the name "Moore's Digital". Reflecting on it now it seems that it would be more properly associated with a photography company rather than a web design firm but now that I am no longer working as I once was as a web designer it's given me an opportunity to redefine and retune the brand.

This brings me to my current situation of what exactly do I want this website to be. What purpose could it have that hasn't already been established by the millions (billions?) of websites online today. As I seek to answer that question my first intuition is that it ought to represent the core values that I esteem to achieve while accurately expressing my story, my life, my purpose in this strange world of tech & fantasy but not in a selfish manner. It's interesting that I keep coming back to that sort of question not just with my occupations but with pretty much everything I approach these days. I was diagnosed with a mental condition which really Segway's from that standpoint to create a strange addition to the things I do each day. Simple things as of now but hopefully more complex in the near future. has really allowed me to reconnect in part with my creative side but it has also inevitably offered opportunities to regress in some ways as well which makes me wonder about other people who have websites built on these platforms. How many of them have developed their site using Wix from start to finish and proactively kept updating it by their own efforts. Sometimes I think that the World Wide Web has turned into what everything else has to my perception of a very dumbed down interactive experience compared from the days when Macromedia's Flash and 3D Studio Max were king-pins in the online game of fame and fortune. Well, maybe that's being a little harsh...those things were really quite exciting when I first came across them. for instance really captivated me when I first saw it. Then there was sites like after the flash craze began to settle and I began to use other peoples ideas to form user interfaces for my layout designs. Some may even have called me a thief of sorts given the way I RIP'd some designs. I often wonder where those people have gone. What kinds of occupations do they have now? But most importantly why the hell didn't I try to build some lasting relationships with actual human beings rather than constantly seeking tech-driven gratification that appealed to the eyes but not to what most would probably call normal physical adult-hood. Or vise versa...why didn't anyone really want to have anything to do with me on the face to face human stage. As I've said before I could come up with all kinds of excuses and I tend to do so almost automatically.

This brings me to all sorts of other questions but I think that these words will suffice for now. If you are still reading this message than I wonder what in the world has compelled you to do so? The voices in-and-out of my head confirm what I sometimes believe to be true. "The lies that I believe". A destination to nowhere in particular. Is there anything that a website could really do to alleviate these suspicions...or am I simply dead in the water at this point?

I'd like you to be the judge.

What would you like to see on this website?

What is it that you have never seen before online that might interest you?

The song that keeps ringing in my head seems to tentatively tantalize my ignorance screaming "it's all been's all been done before". But then I scroll to the beginning of this message and see the image of something Loved dearly as I grew up but eventually forgot about. Is that all this is? A life experiencing and then forgetting and then experiencing and then forgetting blah blah blah. Just memories of seconds that fade into a kind of misty mountain of unachievable cognition. I keep using old words that I find interesting at first and then I slaughter them as I continue the train of thought and end up killing them as I get to the end.

Save the digital world? What for? (sorry Faye)

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